Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steampunk Airsoft Shotgun

Steampunk Airsoft Shotgun

Nerf guns are 'punked all the time it seems, I wanted to do up a gun with a little more firepower (short of an actual firearm) and settled on a pump action airsoft shotgun. The gun is fed through a removable clip magazine, and cycled with the pump of the forearm.

Much of the gun (origonally all black) was painted to the correct asthetic. Grips were hand made from leather and copper riveted to the handles. I also designed a custom sighting mechanism for the gun. A shotgun like this is difficult to aim (no sights, often shot from the hip) especially as this particular gun fires only one pellet at a time. With the difficulty of hitting a target already present, any help the shooter can get is appreiated. The sight I came up with has two stages. The first is collpased, and requires the shooter to hold it up to his face just like sighting any other gun. The second stage is extended up a good four inches. This allows the shooter to hold the gun braced against their collar bone, givign more stability, accuracy and comfort in shooting. The sight swivels upward by either tilting the gun backwards towards the hand grip or sliding the whole weapon back swiftly.

These pictures more clearly show the rotating sight mechanism. It is actually quite accuarte for sighting, and very easy to use.

This gun was recently sold on ebay. The tip was re-painted, as some states do not have laws dictating that an airsoft gun have a blaze orange tip.


air soft gun said...

I believe it was a mottled gray metallic color for the body, and a gold metallic color for the barrel. They were branded as metallic, I am not sure if Krylon still carries.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would love a gun like this. I've been playing airsoft for a while and this is certainly a first that I've seen. Awesome