Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Steampunk" Remington Typewriter

Remington No. 12 Typewriter
Circa 1910, repaired June 2008

Found in an antique shop, this Remington No.12 manual typewriter was rusted solid, missing bits, and most of the origional paint was rusted out. Over the course of a month, I completely dismantled this machine, and brought it back to perfect working order. I also re-painted it with distressed looking copper and brass paint.

Steampunk Wrist Watch

Steampunk Wrist Watch
Circa May 2008

My steampunk watch, made from brass, copper, and leather. The watch face is inclosed in a copper cup that hinges open and closed via a tension spring. The tube on the side contains a 4 gig micro flash drive.

Steampunk Dell Keyboard

Steampunk Keyboard Circa 2008

After seeing a number of steampunk keyboards, I decided it was time to make my own. Based around a Dell slimline keyboard, my model incorperates 'ex-Royal' typewriter keys, which have been re-made to include all the standard characters on a modern keyboard. Accents are brass toned, and the area under the keys is matted with black felt. The keyboard is fully functional, and I am writting this on it right now.