Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steampunk Wrist Watch

Steampunk Wrist Watch
Circa May 2008

My steampunk watch, made from brass, copper, and leather. The watch face is inclosed in a copper cup that hinges open and closed via a tension spring. The tube on the side contains a 4 gig micro flash drive.


Steve said...

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Anonymous said...

how does one change the time on the display? i notice there is no knob to adjust it and no obvious way to open the casing.

Mr. Ian said...

The watch face itself is removable from the copper casing, and comes out as one mechanism. The crown of the watch itself fits into a hole sut into the copper casing (not visable in the pictures) It is actualyl quite easy to remove the watch face to adjust time, and the covered crown prevents the 'accidental' change of time.